Introducing Synergy

Ceramic Wax Coatings

'Probably the best synthetic wax we have ever used to date! This very durable high active ceramic wax contains more than meets the eye! Combining the powerful ceramic resins and binders found in the Synergy coating we have blended in an extremely high melting point technical mixture of modified polyethylene, Flourine derived polymer which is loosely related to PTFE and 2 solid Si02 polymers to create this masterpiece.'

We are very excited to announce our new Infinity Wax Synergy Ceramic Wax Packages.

Infinity Wax's Synergy Ceramic Wax was famed during testing for its mind-blowing water behaviour and gloss, testing has also shown it can last up to 50 weeks or more*. 

The Wax has high resistance to detergents and is unaffected by temperature making its a perfect winter coating to protect your vehicle! 

All packages include the following - 

  • Full Exterior Safe Wash (Using Infinity Wax Products)

  • Chemical & Physical Decontamination of Paint

  • A very light/quick machine polish (This is designed to cleanse the paint not to remove swirls and scratches, Please see our enhancement details for swirl removal)

  • Synergy Ceramic Wax coating applied and left to cure for 2-3 hours 

  • Final coat of Synergy Vitality applied to enhance gloss and protect the wax coating.


*correct washing techniques and products used will ensure coating lasts as long as possible.

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