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A guide to taking care of your recently ceramic coated or PPF'd vehicle

This is a short guide which will be developed overtime to advise on the best practices to maintain and wash your recently protected vehicle.

Whilst this was written a few years ago, initially i would take a look at the following wash guide -

I would also recommend the following products to take care of your vehicle, available from the following websites -

Citrus Pre-Wash -

Infinity Wax Citrus Pre Wash

Snowfoam -

IGL Blizzard

ValetPro PH Neutral Foam

Shampoo -

IGL Wash

Quick Detailer -

IGL Enhancer

Tyre Dressing -

IGL Tyre

Interior -

IGL Interior

This guide will be developed over the early stages of 2024 to be a complete comprehensive guide to safe washing your vehicle.

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