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Ceramic Coating.... What is it?

Last month we had a second feature in TIPEC (The Independent Porsche Enthusiast Club) explaining a little more about Ceramic Coatings, we have adapted it for our blog for all to read, check it out below -

No matter the type of vehicle owned, as enthusiasts we like to ensure our vehicles are clean, protected and – most importantly – look fantastic. A couple of issues back we at South West Autoworx provided a guide on how to safely clean your Porsche (Click here for the guide). This time I’m going to elaborate on the steps we take to further enhance, but also protect, a client's car using ceramic coatings.

One of the sayings we live by here at South West Autoworx is quality over price, I wanted to ensure the products I sold and used were the absolute pinnacle of quality.

The market is flooded with different ceramic coating brands. After in-depth research, I decided that South West Autowor x would exclusively use IGL Coatings. They are the only ceramic coatings which are REACH compliant, TUV Certified and ISO9001 compliant, ensuring consistent quality. South West Autoworx are an IGL Flagship Centre and I am a certified IGL Master Detailer, meaning I can offer and install their full range of ceramic coatings – including their flagship coating, IGL Kenzo.



A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer which creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the vehicles paint and thus creates a layer of protection.

Ceramic coatings are not like waxes which break down fairly quickly. Because of the chemical bonding of the ceramics to the paint, they last significantly longer and offer more protection. Ceramic coatings tend to have a slightly different finish to a wax, however depending on the coating taken the gloss and finish can be incredible.

The biggest and probably most overlooked benefit of a ceramic coating is that it makes cleaning your car a breeze. Because of the hydrophobic and protective benefits, maintenance washes become quicker and most importantly leave a stunning but very clean car.

Other benefits include:

• A deep gloss (depending on paint finish),

• Protection against chemicals, road grime, salt and light marring/swirl (resistance varies depending on the coating used),

• Much longer lasting than a wax.



Preparation before applying a ceramic coating is a vital part of the process. Before we apply any ceramic coating, we offer two detailing or machine polishing options to our clients.

We suggest ‘enhancement’ for new or nearly new cars or where you are generally happy with the vehicle’s paint. It will enhance the gloss and general finish, and offer up to about 40–50% correction.

For older vehicles we suggest ‘correction’. Using various techniques and products gained from experience, we of fer up to 80–90% correction, removing swirls, light scratches and other defects by machine polishing. The gloss levels once finished are incredible.

Fundamentally the aim is to leave a completely clean and contaminant free surface for the ceramic coating to bond properly with the paint, but also it is much easier to do any correction before applying a ceramic coating than after.



We use a series of processes and products to ensure the paint surface is totally free of any oils, waxes or compound after machine polishing, leaving the paint surface at its absolute best prior to coating.

We are then ready to apply the chosen ceramic coating, using a microfibre applicator or IGL’s own ceramic applicator. Depending on which coating is chosen, it may require a base coat and then a topcoat.

Once the ceramic coating has been applied, it is then levelled and left to cure for the specific time scale – different for different coatings, but up to 24 hours. Following this we apply a final topcoat or protective coat (this protects the ceramic coating whilst it hardens – which normally takes five to seven days) before the vehicle is prepared and final checks are completed prior to customer handover.



When our clients collect their vehicles, we talk them through basic maintenance of their new coating. Alternatively we can offer a maintenance package to take care of the vehicle ourselves. All clients receive an aftercare pack including our maintenance guide and safe wash guide.

Most premium car care products are generally safe for use on ceramic coatings – PH safe or PH neutral – but always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure this before use.

Although totally at our clients’ discretion, we do advise that before and after winter a safe wash and IGL Premier top-up is performed, so that the coating is cleaned properly, enhanced and protected.

We strongly advise against using hand car wash services. With or without a coating on your vehicle, the products used can be incredibly aggressive and the techniques used will simply negate the time and investment you have put into your beautiful vehicle.

Check out products from our shop here, carefully selected for vehicles which have coatings - Click Here



Whilst there are many different brands and detailers out there in the UK, I would strongly recommend looking at IGL Coatings if you are considering getting a ceramic coating, the results are truly incredible!

I don’t just work with them, I genuinely am a fan. IGL offer a range of ceramic coatings at different price points up to their flagship product, Kenzo. As well as paint protection, IGL offer products that protect wheels, glass, headlights, plastic trim and fabric.

You can find out more about IGL Coatings on our website or IGL's own website -

Contact us via one of the following methods for more information on any of our services or IGL's Ceramic Coatings -

Call - 07808 206 816

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