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PremiumShield Paint Protection Film

Introducing PremiumShield Paint Protection Film. 

PremiumShield PPF is a near invisible film that can help minimize damage to your vehicles paint, its also easy to simple and easy to maintain yourself or by us. 

PremiumShield Elite PPF comes with a LIFETIME warranty or as long as you own the vehicle. 

True protection from a near invisible and in some case self healing film.... YES self healing! 

Check the slide out opposite. 

This is an example of what PremiumShield PPF can do to protect from a light car park scrape. 

As you will see, the paint is virtually defect free once the PPF has been renewed. 

PPF can then be reapplied, ready to protect for any other incidents that may occur. 

Key Features

  • Virtually Invisible Protection

  • Natural Self Healing Abilities

  • High Gloss Finish

  • Low Maintenance​

  • Minimise Stone Chips

  • Resist Minor Abrasions

  • Pre Cut To Your Vehicle

  • Life Time Warranty*

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