PremiumShield Paint Protection Film



When ultimate protection is what your after, look no further than PremiumSheild Paint Protection Film. 

PremiumShield Elite & Elite SH being their flagship protection films, with self-healing technology, 150 microns thick and stunning high gloss finish, topped nicely with a lifetime warranty. PS Elite offers scratch, impact and stone chip resistance. 

PremiumShield has already achieved OEM status and can be found factory mounted on vehicles around the world. 


One of the biggest benefits we have being able to offer PremiumShield PPF, is that it is available for cars, motorcycles, boats and many other vehicles. 


As well as Elite & Elite SH, we are also able to offer PS Matte (Perfect if you want to change the look of your vehicle, whilst also offering the ultimate in protection), PS Black & Smoke. 

We will be updating the website shortly with more in-depth information. 

We are aiming to launch our PremiumSheild PPF service from July 2021. 

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