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Simply Coated

Simply Coated in our entry level ceramic coating package, perfectly suited to anyone looking for the incredible benefits and gloss provided by a ceramic coating but are not keen on going for our IGL Packages. 

Whats included - 

  • Our multi-stage safe wash and a chemical decontamination

  • The paint is then dried and prepared removing any waxes or oils from the surface of the paint. 

  • Application of a ceramic coating, lasting up to 12 months with the right care. 

The great benefit of this packages is it can be completed in half a day, although we suggest the vehicle is left for the day. 

A quick, simple ceramic coating, adding incredible deep gloss and in some cases covering some light marks on the paint. 

Prices start from £150 and goes up to £225 depending on the size of vehicle. 

Add ons - 

Wheel Faces - £10 per wheel

Additional layer of the ceramic coating applied to the paint - £35

*this adds additional protection, gloss and will hide further light marks. 

 *With all ceramic coatings, best practice is that the vehicle is full decontaminated and machine polished leaving not only a refreshed finish but a perfectly clean surface for the ceramic coating to bond too. There is no warranty provided with this service. You will be provided with a maintenance wash guide to aide washing and maintaining the ceramic coating. 

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