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Single Day Detail

Our Single Day Detail is a service we offer when perhaps you want your car enhanced ready for sale or your happy with the paint finish and you would just like it enhanced. 

Because of the superior products and processes used we can produce some fantastic results without a machine polish. 

Our process for a single day detail - 

  • Safe wash

  • Chemical decontamination

  • Vehicle is then dried using a vehicle blower and plush Korean drying towel

  • We then apply a premium IGL carnauba wax to the paint work 

  • Exterior plastics and trim are treated with a trim restorer

  • Glass cleaned with an abrasive cleaner as opposed to your standard glass cleaner

  • Tyres dressed in either a gloss or satin finish (your preference)

  • Final checks are completed and the vehicle has a final coat of a premium quick detailer. 

All products used are of a premium grade (generally IGL or Infinity Wax), we use absolutely no trade level products therefore the finish is outstanding. 

Your vehicle will be required from 8am until 5-6pm. 

Prices start from £275 + VAT

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