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The Team

Lawrence - Founder & Detailer

Dream Car - Porsche 911 - 964 C2 Manual - Lightly Modified/improved

Favourite Car Owned - Discovery 300TDI or Phase 1 Amazon Green Saxo VTS. 

A car enthusiast for as long as he can remember (First words being car brands), having worked in and out of the automotive industry throughout his working life. (Ripspeed, Rtec Auto-Design, General Garage)

The passion for detailing or car care started from taking care of his fathers motorbikes, spending hours and hour cleaning and polishing the bikes on weekends, this lead onto meticulously caring for his own vehicles as well as his friends. 

South West Autoworx was born out of wanting to combine high level service and care for clients with the finest car care and performance parts on the market. 

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