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Dry Ice Cleaning

The coolest way to clean!

Dry Ice Cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting, Underbody Detailing is a relatively unknown form of cleaning and has generally been reserved for industrial levels of cleaning. Thanks to developments in technology this form of cleaning has become more accessible for use in the automotive (and more) market. 

What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Base Material_20230928_185828_0000.png
impact on the dirt layer and cause cracks to form_20230928_190225_0000.png
The C0² Pellets evaporate after impact_20230928_192728_0000.png
cleaned surface without damaging the base material_20230928_193455_0000.png

Dry Ice Cleaning uses frozen C02 pellets shot at high velocity, at various types of dirt or contamination to deep freeze and remove it, quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

One of the huge benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning is that it is non-abrasive, therefore when cleaning, so long as the paint is in good solid condition it will not remove the paint but clean it. 

As there is no moisture, we can also clean electrics with no preperation. Typically, although modern vehicle's are 'splash' proof, when doing engine bay cleans, you shouldnt soak the bay with water or snowfoam, even less so on older vehicles. 

We have prepared a specific area within one of our workshops in Somerset, with a new compressor and new two post lift to ensure we can access all areas of a vehicle. Listed below is a snippet of what we can now cleaning with this new service - 

Engine bays, vehicle underbody, wheel arches, engines, wheels, motorbikes, classic cars, interiors, alcantara, electrical components, suspension, race cars and much much more. 

Once your vehicle has been cleaned, why not protect the areas that are typcially forgotten about to make them easier to keep clean and protect them. With our coating partner IGL Coatings, we are able to offer various options to protect various areas on a vehicle. 

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To find out more, please click the link below. 

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