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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings have been the center stage of our business for since day one, we started South West Autoworx to fill a gap in the market locally, a solely unit based installer offering the finest ceramic coatings. 

IGL Coatings are the only brand on the market who's coatings are highly and consistently rated. They're coatings are the only coatings which are TUV Certified, REACH Compliant and tested to ISO9001. 

A TUV Rating means it has met a certain standard and the ISO9001 certification means it consistently hits the specified requirements. 

Below you can find some more information about the different coatings from IGL Coatings.

We gained our first certification with IGL Coatings in 2019. 


At the time, we searched and tested many big and small brands of ceramic coatings, IGL Coatings for us stood our by a mile. We are now part of a team of world wide detailers who are certified Master Detailers with IGL Coatings.

Their ceramic coatings are ISO9001, TUV Certified and REACH Compliant*. 

We offer the full range of products from IGL Coatings  - 

IGL Quartz - 2 Year Ceramic Coating

IGL Elixir - 3 Year Single Layer Ceramic Coating

IGL Quartz Plus - 4 Year Dual Layered Ceramic Coating

IGL Kenzo - OUR BEST SELLER FOR 4 YEARS RUNNING  - World renowned, dual layered graphene reinforced ceramic coating lasting up to 5 years. 

IGL Wheel - Specific Wheel Coating

IGL Trim - Refresh Tired Plastic Trim 

IGL Shield - Specific Flexible Ceramic Coating for Vehicle Wraps and PPF

IGL Leather - Leather Specific Ceramic Coating

IGL Fabric - Designed For Protecting Fabric Inside and Outside Your Vehicle

IGL Coatings differ from here as they also have highly resistant coatings suitable for many other vehicles or applications. 

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