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Underbody Protective Coatings

As a IGL Master Detailer we have completed the relevant certifications to giving us access to some phenomenal protective coatings perfectly suited to protect areas of cars, motorbikes, agricultural and industrial equipment. 

IGL Coatings are leaders in their field, having one numerous awards around the world for many of their coatings systems, most recently at SEMA 2023 for IGL Coatings Aegis. 

Take a look below for an overview of IGL Coatings Aegis and IGL Coatings Eclipse - 

IGL Coatings Aegis

Protect your assets from the harmful effects of corrosion with Ecoclear Aegis. Our unique anti-corrosion clear coating system is formulated with graphene nano-tubes and a silicone hybrid resin-based 2-component (2K) paint system.

Specifically designed to withstand high corrosive environments (C5). With up to 6,000 hours of testing in a salt spray machine (approximately 30 years in a non-marine environment), Aegis provides hydrophobic, self-cleaning, lightweight, and durable protection with minimal signs of degradation.

As a unique anti-corrosion clear coating system, signs of corrosion is detected immediately, allowing early preventive measures. Saving time, costs, and accidents.

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