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Major Correction Detail

Major Correction Detail for when absolute clarity and correction is the goal - 

Whats included - 

  • Multi-stage Safe Wash 

  • Decontamination - Iron, Tar & Clay Bar

  • Contactless Drying Process

  • Paint Check

  • Machine Polish

  • Finished with a coating if required.

After varying levels of preparation (multi-stage safe wash, decontamination, contactless drying) normally taking between 2-4 hours, we completed a thorough paint check and masking up areas of the vehicle. We do this after the vehicle has been prepped as you will be surprised what can be hidden, therefore we complete our checks after the vehicle prep, in our detailing bay in the correction environment. 

Following the preparation, our Major Correction Detail will as the name suggests correct the paint i.e removing swirls, scratches, marring and etching, aiming for up to 90% correction with beautiful clarity, gloss and perfection, this process is done through various stages of machine polishing.


The end result, a better than new finish!


We have generally completed most of our corrections on used vehicles for clients who has purchased their used car but want it to look better than how it would have been provided on delivery day.

Our suggestion is that this service is most suited to vehicle which are NOT used as a daily. 


Once complete we can apply various coatings from waxes to ceramics. 


To find out more, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and budget


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