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Enrichment Detail

'Enrichment, the action of improving or enhancing the quality of something'

Whats included - 

  • Multi-stage Safe Wash 

  • Decontamination - Iron, Tar & Clay Bar

  • Contactless Drying Process

  • Paint Check

  • Machine Polish

  • Finished with a coating if required.

Detail - 

After varying levels of preparation (multi-stage safe wash, decontamination, contactless drying) normally taking between 2-4 hours, we completed a thorough paint check and masking up areas of the vehicle. We do this after the vehicle has been prepped as you will be surprised what can be hidden, therefore we complete our checks after the vehicle prep, in our detailing bay in the correction environment. 

We then complete the machine polishing stage, there is no set amount of stages (in any of our services) but the aim of this detail is to add further depth and gloss back to your paintwork and vehicle, not correction. You will get some correction as a by-product of machine polishing but our aim here is gloss, not correction. 

Following the machine polish we can prepare the surface of the vehicle for a coating, be that wax or a ceramic coating. 

Typically we will require your vehicle for up to 1.5 days maybe more. Pricing is dependent on vehicle size an complexity. 

Priced from £425 + VAT

(Pricing reflective of vehicle size/complexity)

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