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New Car Detail

A new vehicle (or any vehicle) is likely our second biggest purchase after a house. Normally when ordering a new vehicle, you have the exciting time of configuring you vehicle, then (normally) waiting months for that special day, collection day! 

Your vehicle should on that day arrive in pristine condition, however its very common that new vehicles do not arrive in pristine condition, they can have defects from poor washing and prep techniques and can pick up damage when transporting the vehicle from the factory to the dealership. 

With our 'New Car Detail' you are able to either bring the vehicle directly to us from collection, alternatively we can liaise with your dealership to have the vehicle delivered here prior to the dealership. It will then go through various stages of preparation prior to a coating being applied. 

South West Autoworx Ltd are an IGL Flagship Center and an Infinity Wax Certified Installer, this means we have met strict criteria to be able to offer the full range of ceramic coatings, we are able to protect and coat almost all surfaces of a vehicle.

From £275 + VAT

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