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9.3L of American Muscle!

Yes you read that right, we have had the privilege of enhancing and protecting this 1969 Ford Mustang Boss!

1 of 1 in the UK, featuring a MASSIVE 572cui Jon Kaase racing engine, it's right hand drive too. The rich smell of unburnt fuel is like nothing else we have had in the workshop.

As a detailer, one of the colours that is the most challenging is flat black.... but we love a challenge!

After completing a full safe wash and decontamination, we also completed a full paint depth/inspection. Following this inspection we found some blistering in the paint on certain areas and some areas were poorly finished.

Overall though, very good condition and we proceeded with what the client booked it in for, our Enrichment Detail

Our Enrichment Detail consists on a of removing lighter swirls and marring, concentrating on a super glossy finish.

Taking a little longer than expected, we managed to remove a lot of the marring and lighter swirls and scratches.

Most importantly though, it looked phenomenal and the gloss was mind blowing.... Ready now for ceramic coating

Since we started this business, I can confidently say that IGL Coatings Kenzo has been by far our most sold coating..... IGL Kenzo offers a finish a little different to other coatings due to its consistency and ingredients.

It offers a beautiful deep, warmer wax style finish whereby many other coatings including IGL Quartz and Quartz Plus offer more of a sharp finish.

Its also dual-layered, offers incredible hydrophobic properties and lasting up to 5 years or more if cared for in the right way.

Many of my clients know I am an out and out petrolhead and love doing what i do and value all the vehicles we are entrusted with.

Fun Fact - As a kid growing up, I had Mustang's, GT40s and Porsche's as my poster cars! So to have the opportunity to work on some of the cars which started my passion, its a great accomplishment. I even did my English coursework on The Mustang and GT40.

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