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Bentley Continental - Underbody Detailing and Protection

The owner of this lovely, very low mileage and incredibly well maintained 2005 Bentley Continental GT has his vehicle detailed by us a year or so ago with IGL Quartz applied to the paint following a light machine polish.

Since the launch of our Dry Ice Cleaning and IGL Underbody Protection packages, we have seen a steady growth in interest and inquiries, we put out a launch offer of sorts around Black Friday in November and the owner of this Bentley snapped up this one time offer.

This package included the following -

  • Underbody Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Arch Liner Removal Clean and Treatment

  • IGL Aegis Protective Coating Package

This Bentley was with us for 7 days including time to allow IGL Aegis to cure on the car before being exposed to the elements.

Below is an overview of the stages involved in this process -

Stage 1 - Preperation For Dry Ice Cleaning

This process essentially involves the covering of the exterior of the vehicle plus wheel, arch liner and under-tray removal.

Removing the arch liners gives us better access to the areas that are typically never cleaned.

Stage 2 - Inspection

This is secondary to our initial inspection. As we have the underside stripped down we have far better access to set out our plan of our Dry Ice Cleaning process, where to start, what areas may require more work.

Stage 3 - Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice is shot at high pressure (up to 10bar), up on impact the Dry Ice turns from a solid to a gas which gives Dry Ice Blasting its intrusive but non-abrasive cleaning and chemical free cleaning abilities.

The cleaning created over 3 litres of dirt accumulated over its 18 year life. Vastly improving, refreshing but ultimately leaving a clean surface for us to apply IGL Aegis.

Stage 4 - Preparation for IGL Coatings Aegis

Once the dry ice deep clean has been complete, we then adapt and further prepare for IGL Coatings Aegis to be applied.

This protects certain areas and materials from having any coatings directly applied.

Stage 5 - Application of IGL Aegis

IGL Aegis is a multi award winning graphene infused protective coating system which can be applied to various materials on a vehicle, protecting it for up to 15 years.

Designed for use within the industrial and agricultural markets, it has crossed over to the automotive world, there simply isnt anything that comes close to the protection and resistance Aegis offers.

IGL Aegis can be applied by brush, roller or in this case spray gun in two or three layers.

We will be exploring markets such as industrial, agricultural and fabrication in 2024.

FInd out more about IGL Aegis and its benefits here -

Video here of me applying IGL Aegis to the Bentley - Click Here

Stage 6 - Visual Checks and removal of masked/covered areas

Application of Aegis can take up to a day, factoring the multiple layers required and the duration between coats.

Checking thoroughly that all areas that need protection have the relevant coverage required.

Stage 7 - Re-installation of Arch Liners and Undertrays and final checks complete before handover.

Once Aegis has sufficiently cured, we start the rebuild of the underside and wheel arches and removal of the exterior protective coverage applied at the beginning of the service.

The results speak for themselves and both ourselves and most importantly our client is incredibly happy with the results, to the point of speaking to and showing his Bentley dealership.

Overall the process including curing times the vehicle was with us just over a week.

Check out a video and further photos of the result below -

Facebook Video Link -

Some Before & After Photos plus a Google Review from our Client -

Google Review -

'This is the fourth time I have used Lawrence and his team @ South West Autoworx since 2021 and most recently having my nearly 20-year-old Continental GT given a DryIce under-vehicle clean followed by Aegis coating of all the metal parts. The attention to detail, including removing all the wheel arch inserts and especially masking off all sensors and sensitive components, was incredible. All in all a fantastic result that included a folder supplied by Lawrence of over 100 pictures documenting the work. Bentley Bristol, who service the car, were most impressed with the standard and thoroughness of the prep and finish. So 5 Wows! all round. Would thoroughly recommend and will definitely use again.'

Summary -

We have worked with IGL Coatings now for 5 years and achieved during that time their IGL Coatings Master Detailer certification, its incredibly fulfilling to now be in a position to utilise the full and fantastic range of their protective coatings

IGL Aegis is phenomenal, unlike anything available on the market. We look forward to protecting many more vehicles with this product.... as well many many other projects we are working on which can fully utilise the benefits of IGL Aegis.

I am incredibly happy with the results achieved on this Bentley Continental, a true example of combining our latest new services, Dry Ice Cleaning & Underbody Protection with IGL Aegis.

Contact us via one of the below to find out more about how we can clean and preserve the life of your vehicle -

Phone - 01458 767574

WhatsApp - 07808206816

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