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Ceramic Coatings - Why should you have it done?

Have you just invested in a new car or motorbike?

Do you want to keep or improve that fresh showroom look?

Do you regularly maintain your vehicle but you are finding swirls appearing on your paint?

Below we are going to explain a little more (we will keep it as short as possible) about Ceramic Coatings and why it is something you should considering having done when purchasing a new vehicle or improving a used vehicle.


What is a Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer which is applied by hand to a vehicles paint to form a chemical bond which in turn adds a layer of protection.

Ceramic Coatings are semi-permanent typically lasting up to 3 years (Some manufacturers claim they provide a longer lasting coating)

The coating sits between wax coatings and PPF (Paint Protection Film), wax coatings offer awesome beading but offer little protection and depending on what type of wax chosen, dont typically last more than a few months without a topup being required. PPF is a film, so offers maximum protection but comes as a vastly increased price.

Protection & Benefits

This image explains a little more about what an IGL ceramic coating can protect your vehicle from.

Together with this you have the added benefits of ease of cleaning (Ceramic Coatings have ultra hydrophobic properties), awesome gloss (A high end ceramic coating adds an unrivalled gloss finish) and could well increase the value of your vehicle.

Ceramic Coatings do truly preserve your vehicles exterior.

There are a few things to note when investing in a ceramic coating, they will not eliminate the fact you do need to maintain your vehicle (We provide maintenance wash guidelines following a coating, alternatively we can offer a maintenance wash service), water marks or spotting and swirls or stone chips.


South West Autoworx are Certified IGL Ceramic Coating Installers.

We can apply IGL Quartz (2 year coating) & Quartz+ (3 year coating) and IGL Eclipse, their industrial based coating. Below is brief overview of the 3 Ceramic Coatings as well as a quick review of the other coatings and treatments we have access to.

IGL Quartz

2 Year Ceramic Coating (Warrantied*)

Premuim High Silica Coating

Ulitmate Gloss & Shine

9H Hardness

IGL Quartz+

3 Year Ceramic Coating (Warrantied*)

Premuim High Silica Coating

Ulitmate Gloss & Shine

9H Hardness with Increased Chemical Resistance

Because we are fully certified installers of IGL Ceramic Coatings we can offer full warranty on our coatings. T&C's apply.


IGL Eclipse was design and can be used as an industrial ceramic coating, however it can also be used to coat wheels, wheel arches, calipers, under body and engine bays to name but a few of its vast array of uses, essentially any non-porous finish.

IGL Eclipse Ceramic Coating -

  • Up to 10H hardness with silk like finish

  • Ultimate gloss and shine

  • Repels water oil and dirt

  • Protection for up to 2 years

Although designed for industrial use, it its perfectly suited to the agricultural industry, garden machinery and all-terrain vehicles.

IGL also offer coatings for bikes, leather, windows, headlights and trim to name a few. We have access to and can apply all these coatings for you.


IGL Quartz 2 Year Ceramic Coating - From £175

IGL Quartz+ 3 Year Ceramic Coating - From £275

IGL Eclipse -

Wheel Faces - £30 per wheel

Whole wheel - £50 per wheel - until we have our ramp fitted (hopefully in the next few weeks) wheels will need to be provided off the vehicle.

Engine bay, calipers, wheel arches or under-body is POA

ALL Ceramic Coatings need to be booked in with either a light enhancement or gloss enhancement detail, this ensure a clean and prepared surface to apply the ceramic coating.

Pricing for our detailing packages can be found here -

If you have any questions or would like to book in for an IGL Ceramic Coating, please get in touch using the details below -

Call - 07808 206 816

PM us via Facebook or Instagram -

Search swautoworx on Instagram


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