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Company Updates - What have we been up to? - Dry Ice Cleaning - The Ultimate in Underbody Protection

It always amazes how quick a month goes by! I cant believe its nearly September..... Lets hope we have a nice late summer!

Take a look below for updates on what we have been up to and whats in the pipeline.... We have an exciting time ahead on our route to becoming the go to for vehicle enhancement and protection.

What have we been up to?

Its been an very busy couple of weeks, lots of lovely vehicles gracing our workshop. Take a look below at some brief highlights from August -

Mercedes SLS AMG -

What a stunning car! A modern classic, V8 German Muscle car.... if only pictures produced sound. Dent Removal - Wheel Refurbishment - Enrichment Detail - IGL Quartz Plus Ceramic Coating.

The owner of this lovely vehicle is a fantastic client, loving our work, advice and trusting us in making the choices when refreshing his vehicles.

Porsche 992 GTS - Full Body PPF

This lovely, straight from the dealership 992 GTS graced our workshop for a week for full body PPF and our Exclusive Windscreen Protection Film.

Now with the ultimate form of protection applied, its ready to enjoy on the road!

Subaru Minor Correction Detail - Check out the transformation -

After correcting this clients Range Rover Vogue last year, we were tasked with refreshing this clients heavily swirled Subaru WRX STI in black.....

Plus we had the headlights restored by one of our local partners, check them out below.... a perfect addition to finish this refresh package off.

Underbody Protection

We have been partners with IGL Coatings for 5 years now, their ceramic coatings are second to none.... and yet you may have never heard of them.... That's about to change!

We are pleased to be a trusted IGL Master Detailer, giving us full access to their full ceramic coatings range.... including IGL Eclipse and IGL Coatings Aegis.

We have used IGL Eclipse for many years now, but IGL Coatings Aegis is new and truly the pinnacle of underbody protection.

IGL Coatings Aegis is a truly one of a kind protection system. Consisting of 2 parts, curing in a clear glossy finish and lasting.... up to 15 YEARS!

So if you are looking for the ultimate underbody protection.... Contact us to get an estimate on protecting the underside of your vehicle.

Plus this leads nicely onto the our next Company Update, Check it out -

Dry Ice Cleaning - COMING SOON!

We cant go into to much detail.... but the ultimate form of cleaning is nearly here. Offering full and in-depth dry ice cleaning and coating packages.

This is the ultimate form of non-abrasive deep cleaning, with the ability to clean engines, plastics, suspension, arches, wheels, paint and is perfect for Motorbikes!

Very fitting for our ultimate level of underbody protection..... Watch this space! Big updates coming soon....

Exhausts, suspension, wheels and more -

Remember.... we are also able to supply a full and very thorough list of prestige vehicles enhancement products from alloy wheels, exhausts suspension and much more.

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