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Mostro Bellissimo - Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Replacement PPF, Tint Removal & Safe Washing

With the Huracan platform coming to the end of production, the opportunity to work on any Lamborghini is special.... On this occasion though, I had the special opportunity and honor

to work on one of their Halo V10 vehicles, in this case the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

This is the only Verde Draco Huracan Performante on this side of the planet, the photos do not do the shade of green justice, giving the car perhaps more of a subtle, classic look to it. We now care for this lovely special edition as well as some others of the owners vehicle collection.

Window Tint Removal -

The previous owner had both driver and passenger side windows tinted. At the request of the current and new owner, whilst the vehicle was with us for some PPF, we safely removed the PPF from the windows.

As with all vehicles we have through our door for any services, this was done with the upmost care.

The most efficient way to remove window tint is with heat. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, heat from the outside to soften the glue constantly moving the source of heat.

Once adequately heated, direct it at a edge, using a plastic blade lift the edge and start to pull down at a 180° angle on itself. The game is to remove it in one sheet....

You are most likely to be left with glue residue on the glass, make sure you cover the door card up with a bin liner or something along those line.

Using Tar & Glue remover ( on a microfibre (never directly onto the glass) and a plastic blade, gradually soak and scrape any excess glue until none is left. Then with a fresh microfibre with T&G, wipe over the glass again.

The finishing touch is cleaning the glass with your favourite cleaner, our is -

PPF Replacement - This is somewhat more of a delicate procedure as the removal of PPF, if not done correctly, can pull paint off or leave marks in the paint.

(We have experienced this on other vehicles which the vehicles wrap or PPF were removed poorly by other companies.)

Essentially you need heat, the same as window tint removal, but bare In mind it's on paint not glass so more care is required.

The best course of action we have found is a drying towel soaked in slightly cooled boiled water and then leave on the PPF to soften up the glue, then a heat gun or hair dryer to aid and keep up the heat on the glue.

The big difference is when lifting the PPF, you want to pull away from the car, NOT 180° on itself as described when removing window tint film.

Take a bonnet for example, start in the top right corner and pull from the top right corner, pulling backwards from the bonnet, almost pulling up and towards you to lift the film.

Unfortunately, if it's a vehicle which you don't know or has never been in your care, there is still a risk of paint or clear coat removal. Once removed, soak T&G on any residue left over to ensure all glue is removed. Then clay bar and if required machine polish and rewash the area and prep the area accordingly.

Installed new PPF and leave inside for the required time frame.

Safe Washing/Maintenance Washing - We have written a few guides over the years, some have featured in owner monthly magazines and the other we have provided groups or clients to provide an idea of safely maintaining you vehicle following a ceramic coating or just in general.

There is no guarantee that following a strict process will stop you adding marks or swirls back into the paint, but following this process will vastly reduce risks of adding swirls etc back into your paint following some paint correction.

The core process - 1. Pre-wash 2. Rinse 3. Snowfoam 4. Rinse 5. Two Bucket Wash (one panel per side of wash mitt then rinse in rinse bucket, squeeze off excess and back into the wash bucket) 6. Rinse 7. Drying -

Towel - make sure it is damp prior to usage, lay on vehicle and pull off.

Best contactless method - Car blow dryer (warm air at force to blow water off). Works perfectly on a coated vehicle. We can supply these but we do not hold stock, so can take a few days for delivery.

Other stages which can be added to your safe wash -

Chemical decontamination - (not in direct sunlight or on a warm/hot vehicle) We apply Liquid Fire (iron off) to the whole vehicle, wheels and all prior to snowfoam. Let it dwell slightly, then apply snowfoam over the top for some extra dwell time.

Drying aid or sealant - Our personal favorite is Infinity Wax Boost, epic product! Applied via foam lance or can be applied via spray bottle. (Be sure to follow correct mixtures) Spray on, rinse off, easy drying! Just watch the difference. Perfect for vehicle with no coatings or waxes.

Physical Decontamination/Clay Bar - This should only be done if your machine polishing after. It must be done as part of a process but will leave light marring etc on the paint surface, which would disappear with a light or heavier machine polish. Although we plan on updating this as part of a new guide we are creating, please find below the link to our wash guide -

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog, we are working on and finalising a training program which will start at the entry washing stages and go through to machine polishing and coatings.

Please use the link below to register your interest.

We will also be working on a short instructional video on how to apply consumer based ceramic coatings.

Check out some more images below -

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