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Paint Protection Care Guide

Firstly, thank you very much for booking in with us and having Paint Protection Film installed to your vehicle.

This is a reference guide to ensure you maintain your PPF correctly to ensure you get the maximum life and protection from you investment. (We strongly recommend sticking to this guide to avoid voiding warranty with the manufacturer)

First Month -

After collecting your vehicle, we recommend that you do not wash the vehicle for 7 days.

It can take approx 3-4 weeks for the freshly installed PPF to settle and for any moisture left behind after installation to disappear (Do not be alarmed if it takes a little longer, you are welcome to contact us should you have any concerns).

Some film manufacturers recommend that we do a PPF check 6-8 weeks after installation, you are most welcome to bring back your vehicle for a PPF check should you wish, however if the vehicle is dirty we may need to give a a Safe Wash (Chargable) to ensure we see the film in its truest form.

After Care -

Whilst an experienced mobile valeter (Please check they know how to work with PPF, we hope to launch a mobile valeting service in due course) should know exactly how to maintain your vehicle, please do not be worried about maintaining the vehicle yourself.


You can use a normal Safe Wash method to maintain PPF, a couple of factors which can help along the way -

  • Do not get to close with your Jetwash, you can blow water under the film and therefore will require a replacement piece of PPF.

  • Ensure you wash the vehicle with PPF or Ceramic Coating Safe products, this will ensure you get the maximum life out of your PPF.

  • You can put a topping product on top of certain PPF to aid washing, please ensure you check the products are safe to use on PPF and try in a inconspicuous area first.

  • If you do put some form of quick detailer or wax which leaves a residue or smearing marks which you cannot remove.... try a little glass cleaner on a cloth, this can help remove smears (also great on matte ppf)

  • Do not use a pet hair dryer to dry your PPF'd vehicle. Use a high quality, damp drying towel.

Most importantly, we are hear to help, advise and support even after installation. (Please do bare with us some-times as we may need to finish the job in hand, but we will respond)

This guide will gradually be developed to cover ceramic coatings, PPF and other types of Car Care.

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