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Porsche GT4 Underbody Dry Ice Clean

If you have followed us for a while, you will recognise this little lovely GT4 from various events, shows or previous work we have completed

Amazing to think we first protected this over 3 years ago now and have maintained and enhanced it throughout the clients ownership. This has had, Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Vinyl Wrap, RSNV Wing Risers and Akrapovic Carbon Rear Diffuser and Rear Box, all completed in house with us.

The machine....

Dry Ice Energy Vario - The machine in question, our Vario.

The huge benefit of the Vario is that it allows us to adjust both air pressure and ice quantity.

So for areas that do not need high power, like interiors, carpet or other delicate areas, we can turn down the velocity at which the ice is fired.

Quantity doesnt always mean quality either with Dry Ice, adjusting to your environment is key.

⁣This time round, not only did it get a maintenance wash, it was also treated to the following - ⁣

Full Underside and Wheel Arch Dry Ice Clean ⁣

Removing 3 years of built up road grime, ingrained and hard to reach dirt, salt and more. ⁣The exterior which we always see, isnt the only area that needs love and attention. The chemicals, salt, oils and dirt can over-time cause long term problems, this is a great way to help in your vehicle maintenance.

Please find below some photos and also a link to a video to see this process in action on the Porsche GT4.

The safest and coolest way to clean ⁣

Find out more about Dry Ice Cleaning and its benefits on our website -

Contact us directly for a quote - ⁣ ⁣

WhatsApp - 07808206816⁣

- 01458 767574⁣

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