You name it, it was coated! Mercedes E53 AMG & IGL Ceramic Coatings!

We recently handed back our clients Ex-Demonstrator Mercedes E53 AMG, it was booked in for the following treatments -

Light Enhancement

IGL Quartz

IGL Eclipse Wheel Coating

IGL Window

IGL Trim

IGL Fabric

Our client essentially wanted every surface protected and coated using the best available products.

IGL Ceramic Coatings are the only ceramic coating which is ISO9001, TUV Certified and REACH Compliant.

This mean they are rigorously and continuously tested to ensure they meet strict guidelines.

More information about IGL can be found at or

Below is an overview of what was done to this Mercedes E53 AMG

Light Enhancement -

Before any coatings can take place the vehicle needs to be cleaned, full decontaminated and enhanced. A light enhancement includes a 6 stage safe wash, we then chemically and physically decontaminate the paint.

We complete a single stage machine polish, this removes up to roughly 50-60% of swirls and light scratches but also significantly enhances the paints finish, giving the paint a fresh glossy look.

We were also asked to remove the badges off the rear of the vehicle.

IGL Quartz -

IGL Quartz offers up to 2 years protection (We are also certified to install Quartz+ 3 year coating), it adds unrivalled gloss, fantastic protection and the water behaviour is incredible (beading).

IGL Eclipse -

We applied IGL Eclipse to the wheels faces.

IGL Eclipse is predominantly an industrial based ceramic coating, because it has been designed for use in harsh environments this means it is perfectly suited for use on wheels, brakes calipers, engine bays and the under body of vehicles.

IGL Eclipse benefits and features -