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Immaculate Reflection - Super SI02 Ceramic Wax

Immaculate Reflection - Super SI02 Ceramic Wax


If you're into car care you've probably heard all about SiO2 or Quartz Ceramic Coatings and taken an interest in the protection properties they can offer your car's paintwork. They do cost a lot to be applied by a professional authorised Detailer as the paintwork must be corrected first and the actual coating is pricey, but once applied properly, and carefully looked after, they can help keep your car looking great and can last for about 2 - 5 years. 


These coatings though have probably been over-hyped a bit and the after care not fully considered, yes they do offer great protection, but they are not bullet-proof as many seem to believe - they will mark and scratch, and it can be tricky to remove stubborn dirt from a coating, like road tar, without actually removing the coating at the same time, so you need to wash your car correctly and regularly, with the approved after care products.


And you'll probably need to have the coating re-polished and topped up by your detailer every few years. If you get a scratch or dent that needs fixing you'll have to factor in the cost of re-application of the coating to the repaired area. Then if you change your mind and would rather it wasn't there at all anymore you could be facing a very large bill from your detailer to polish it all off - beware if you car's paint is thin, there's only so many times you can machine polish paint!

Many people think a ceramic coating will make their paintwork look more reflective and glossy. The truth is that the cars paint looks so good after a coating as it been polished to near perfection prior to application - preparation is the key to making any cars paint look its best.


With a coating in place there is no need to apply a wax or sealant over the top, so no more buying and trying out new and exciting car care products - and if thats what you enjoy doing regularly then a coating is probably not for you. Coatings do offer great protection, but you need to fully weight up whether its the best solution for your car.


Our Super SiO2 Ceramic wax is infused with SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide. SiO2 is the main ingredient in glass and is a primary raw material for many whiteware ceramics and in ceramic glazes to give a glossy, hard, protective waterproof coating.


The outstanding properties of SiO2 have also been utilised by Nasa to give their Space Shuttles protection and heat resistance.


Did you know? - Silica in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the most abundant compound in the earth's crust. Silicon is the second most common element on earth after oxygen and the seventh-most abundant element in the universe. It has been detected in the Sun and stars. It also occurs in certain types of meteorites - its outta this world!


Use our Super SiO2 wax if you would like…
• a wet look glossy shine
• greater saturation of paint colour
• paintwork that's easier to keep clean
• improved resistance to oils & road dirt
• enhanced protection against the environment including UV rays
• a Hydrophobic coating


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a ceramic coating, it is a wax that contains SiO2 to enhance its protection properties. (The majority of ceramic coatings are SiO2 suspended in resin).

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