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Aston Martin DB4

I'm not one for setting milestones vehicles, however I do look back on what vehicles I have worked on and perhaps view a couple of vehicles as milestone vehicles..... This absolutely beautiful Aston Martin DB4 is one of them.

The owner of this vehicle was recommended to us by someone living locally to us, who has seen our work and some of the high calibre vehicles we have worked on.

The owner then arranged a visit to our workshop to discuss the various options we can offer on this and another vehicle in his ownership. This is our suggested method should you want to discuss any of our services, products etc. I prefer speaking with our clients face to face.

What was this booked in for?

This vehicle went through a full restoration, it was painted 5 or so years prior to visiting us.

It does get driven and enjoyed (which I absolutely love), taken to shows etc.

We discussed the varying options, settling on what is our best selling service, our Minor Correction Detail.

Finished perfectly with IGL Kenzo, ultimately our best selling product overall since we opened. Find our more here

Delivery Day -

Delivered directly from ChicaneAM by CRC Transport.

Minor Correction Detail -

The preparation for a Minor Correction Detail can be time consuming, it involves the following -

  • Pre-Wash

  • Chemical Decontamination

  • Snowfoam

  • Safe Wash

  • Physical decontamination - clay bar

  • Drying - Using Blo Air Dryer

  • Taping up the areas of concern between each panel, ensures a cleaner finish and less compound/polish being left behind after machine polishing. A must in my view.

This sounds brief but can take up to half a day to do this properly.

When working on any vehicle, experience is absolutely key and knowing your compound and pad combinations is vital.

Ceramic Coating -

We finished with the world renowned IGL Kenzo V2.

A graphene reinforced dual-layered ceramic coating. Lasting up to 5 years with the correct maintenance and it offers jaw dropped, wax style gloss.

The finished article -

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