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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - Returned to AM Works.......

Updated: May 31, 2022

Would you believe this Royal Indigo (I believe) colour was covered up with a vinyl wrap..... why I do not know!

One of our fantastic returning clients originally brought his daily vehicle for a detail and IGL ceramic coating, after being incredibly happy with the results achieved, he advised that he was picking up an AM DBS Superleggera.

Once collected, we discussed in length the various options available. We discovered it had already been through another detailer who apparently removed the wrap and freshened it up.

The options chosen for this beauty -

  • Minor Correction Detail

  • IGL Kenzo 2.0

  • Wheel Faces Coated

  • Glass Sealant

  • Replacement PPF

Arrival Day -

As well as running through the above just to confirm they are happy with everything we also ask if there anything they wish to point out to us prior to our vehicle checks.

On this instance the only main part which the customer has noticed was a mark/line on the bonnet. Absolutely fine, we mark it down to ensure once the vehicle is prepared, we can take a look at this under our lighting in the detailing bay.

Up on close inspection, the line/mark noticed by our client was infact a blend line in the paint itself. Reported to the customer, we decided to continue as planned and he would speak to AM.

My personal belief is that at some point in the cars short life it has had some chips repaired and that whoever did this could not only see they had left an awful blend line, but it was a completely different shade of colour.

Minor Correction Detail -

Once the vehicle has been through the varying stages of preparation such as decontamination wash, tape up, getting it safely on the scissor lift etc, we start by completing a full and thorough paint check to ensure all marks, scratches, poor paint and more are marked down clearly.

On completion of the above we then proceed with the machine polishing stage.

Through experience we have managed to find a great selection of compound/pad combination which produces the correction results in the most efficient time. Wether that is a combination of a Dual Action polisher or rotary is determined by the vehicle in question, the paint quality/hardness and so on.

Due to the experience we have had with working on previous Aston Martins we approached this in a similar manor to the previous.

Blend line/Paint Imperfection -

Once we had finished the minor correction detail, we spent some time investigating the blend line in the paint. As you can see from some of the photos below, the colour and line is fairly prominent under our lighting.

We can correct a vast majority of imperfections but when its the paint that is the issue, unfortunately this needs to be resprayed.

As with all our services, we liaised with our client throughout the whole process, providing pictures and images explaining exactly what we can see, our thoughts about the best practice to fix etc.

Paint Protection Film Replacement -

When discussing the service with our client, he wanted to supply a piece of PPF for us to replace a piece just in front of the rear wheel. Whoever applied it before us, clearly just stuck it on as it has plenty of little air bubbles and creases.

To safely remove the old PPF we used a mixture of boiling water and steam to soften the glue and then peel the PPF off in a certain way to ensure you do not pull the paint.

Once safely removed, we cleansed the area ready for application of the customer/Aston Martin supplied section of film.

Replaced and looking 100x better than the previous PPF that had been applied.

Ceramic Coating -

We discussed the various different options we offer when it comes to ceramic coatings. On a previous vehicle, he has chosen IGL Quartz, our 2 year IGL ceramic coating.

On this occasion, he chosen our flagship ceramic coating, IGL Kenzo (Click here for more info)

IGL Coatings are the only brand of ceramic coatings in the UK to be ISO9001 certified, TUV Certified and their coatings are REACH compliant meaning, not only are the coatings made to a consistent high quality, they are made in a way which is safe for the environment.

IGL Kenzo is a dual layer, graphene reinforced ceramic coatings which will last up to 5 years with the right maintenance. It offers a stunning, bespoke wax type finish.

IGL Kenzo is available when choosing a minimum of a Minor Correction Detail.

South West Autoworx is one of 25 IGL Master Detailers in the UK which have exclusive use of IGL Kenzo.

Following the application of IGL Kenzo, the vehicle has to sit inside for 12-24 hours to allow the coating to harden, thankfully with this Aston we had it in for a few days following the application, allowing it to cure inside for a longer period of time.

We also ceramic coated the wheel faces as part of the service, starting at £25 per wheel.

The finished article....... For Now! Part 2 going live in the next few days

For more information or a quotation for any of the work you have seen above, please contact us via one of the below methods -

Phone - 07808 206 816

Phone - 01458 76 75 74

Email -

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