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Whats to come in 2022.......

Firstly i think we should start of with a quick review of 2021, what a fantastic year! Thank you to all our clients and supplier throughout 2021 to make it a fantastic year.

Vehicle varied from Fiestas to a Ferrari Pista and everything inbetween, there are no favorites because we love what we do!

This beautiful Ferrari Pista, came to us following collection by a client to have IGL Shield applied to the installed paint protection film and for IGL Wheel to be applied to the wheel faces.

Additional protection but mainly aide in maintenance washing.

So what ours plan through 2022 -

Essentially its business as usual, Vehicle Detail, Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection will be the center of our business for now and the future. We will however be be adding some further products and service to our portfolio.

Below are a selection of performance parts and aftermarket premium wheels we can now offer, for now we will be a supplier and not a stockist but this may change in the future -

As you can see from some of the names listed above, we have an extensive list of premium brands of aftermarket products, the above doesn't represent everything we can get, so please do get in touch if you are after something specific.

We are working on a website to list all the relevant parts we can supply, most wheels and exhausts will have a specific lead time, so best practice is to touch base with us with the part number or your vehicle details and we can provide a quotation for you.

Email - - Phone - 01458 76 75 74

A very exciting addition our business -

We have used Infinity Wax & IGL Coatings pretty much from day one within our business. We use Infinity Wax for our day to day business vehicle prep etc.

Something that both Infinity Wax and IGL Coatings have in common, is that all products are manufactures in house. Something VERY rare, not something you find with the vast majority of the big brands within the UK.

What this means for us as a business and you as our customers, the consistent high quality is always delivered and can easily be managed.

Infinity Wax are due to release their BRAND new professional grade ceramic coating. It has been in development for nearly 30 months. SO this will mean we will be offer Infinity Wax ceramic coating along side our IGL Coatings Ceramic Coatings.

EXCITING NEWS - We will be one of a handful of approved certification centers for other detailers to complete a days certification to offer Infinity Waxes coatings within their own business.

We really cannot wait for 2022 to get underway, with IGL Coatings, Infinity Wax and PremiumShield Paint Protection Film we are able to offer our clients the most comprehensive protection available locally.

For more information on the above or to gain a quotation, please contact us directly pr visit our website -

Phone - 01458 76 75 74

WhatsApp - 07808 206 816


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