Flex PXE vs Rupes iBrid 

I got my PXE within a day or so of release, other than opening it briefly when I received it, I have not used it in anyway until I could get my hands on a Rupes iBrid. I purposely waited as this is the first nano polisher I have purchased and until now.

I had wanted the Rupes iBrid for a long time but then heard through the grape vine Flex had one in progress due for release at the end of 2019, so decided to hold out until then.

I currently have the Flex XFE Cordless Polisher and Flex BW18, with a Flex PE150 due in the near future. It may seem I am a bit biased towards the German brand and being honest the reason why is I have found the Flex range generally to be of a high quality.

I popped down to see David at Knight Detailing to use, test and compare his Rupes iBrid with my new Flex PXE.

As I said, I purposely did not use the Flex before I could get both side by side for my initial thoughts being the first nano polisher I have purchased (although I had bought the Flex anyway).

My thoughts

My initial thoughts were that the Flex was certainly the chunkier, heavier tool but also felt better quality and well manufactured in comparison to the Italian machine. It could be my preference but I like a bit of weight in the tools I use.

What I do like about the iBrid is the switch/flap to power the nano polisher, a little easier to operate whilst in use, the PXE is not badly made, I think it just take a little more getting used to when you are actually using the machine polisher.

Following the above the iBrid also has the longer neck, I think with some of the more modern sports/supercars with crazy aero, the extra bit of length you have with the Rupes neck really helps getting into the hard to reach areas.

The Flex PXE does feel like the more powerful machine out of the two, the Rupes just felt a little gutless in use, although having said that the PXE does come with a 3" backing plate and whilst in use also felt a but gutless when on full power using a heavy pad, personally in this situation I would use a 3" machine polisher like the Flex PE 8-4.

In the box/cost -

Flex offer 3 different options for the PXE, polisher only, standard set and P-set.

Flex PXE 80 (Polisher Only) - RRP £230

Flex PXE 80 Set - RRP £419 - 2 batteries, 3 backing plates, rotary & DA attachments and charger - Click Here

Flex PXE 80 P-Set - RRP £439 - As above with set of pads, polish and microfibre. Click Here

For more information on what is included in the kits, please visit www.countydetailingsupplies.co.uk

Rupes like Flex have 3 different kits available, polisher only, short neck and long neck.

Rupes iBrid (Polisher Only, Short neck) - RRP £451

Rupes iBrid Kit (Short neck) - RRP - £500 - Click Here

Rupes iBrid Kit (Long neck) - RRP - £525 - Click Here<